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I wanted to have a website. And I wanted to make it myself. In 2011, I started to touch upon websites and creating pictures that would appear as banners and when I was giving feedback I gave comments like “the order information is a bit strange” “change font immediately”.

I wasn’t aware of how HTML and CSS work. At all.

I started my freelance business and I had to promote myself now. A website had to be the answer. I downloaded Dreamweaver and had a package and I read up on “how to upload a website for free”. I didn’t know about how to host or buy domains.

I couldn’t get anything up and run and I had absolutely NO CLUE what I was supposed to do with the line of codes.

So I asked the agency who did the company’s website (where I was working) if they xpuöd help me and how much it would cost. They were probably the nicest two young guys who were also desperately looking for gigs to run. Small as big. They said they wanted 1000 Euro (max) for it. I couldn’t take it. I said it was too much.

Today I feel stupid when I think about it because I didn’t understand people’s time and value in their work. This means also for me. It takes years to understand what you are capable of and put the value on it and also be able to present it.

I still don’t have a proper portfolio-website but not because I don’t know how to make it or not being able to pay for it. I just haven’t had the time because I put my time into my clients. When it comes to my work I value the time into understanding the brief and present a proper concept.


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