Study at Uni

I have never studied at university. Except for one summer, I applied for a course about space. I am not sure why I did it because I am not curious about space at all. When I was 5, my dad told me about this endless thing called space and he said “if you think about it too much you will go nuts” so I literally tried Not to think about space, so I wouldn’t go crazy. Which resulted with me thinking about it all the time and I already thought I was crazy. When my mom found it out, they had a big argument about what is appropriate to tell a 5-year old.

Back to the summer, I applied for a space course. Now I was around 21-22 and I went to the University to look for the classroom. I looked for it around 10 minutes and then I bumped into another guy who was also looking for the same course. Guess what? We didn’t find it.

We found another teacher who said they moved study-days from Mondays to Tuesdays. This is the closest I got to study at Uni. I walked out and I never went back.

Sounds like a shit story and that I am lazy and that any obstacle in my way makes me give up. I think it’s the only the half-truth. As soon as something is not working, I have this inner engine that starts automatically and I just gear up and try and find another way.

I don’t have a good ending to this story, really. And I really don’t understand what the human is doing out there and what the interest in space is about.

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