How to success

fully forget the important things.

The times I have forgotten something important for a design delivery, those times really sucks. And I mean it.

Wrong color, the wrong size, wrong logo or my favorite; forgotten logo.

I started to work in-house as a designer in an agency when I was 20 years old. The company had a flat hierarchy and a big creative production. “Anything is possible” was the motto, and I learned over the years that it is definitely true but only if you know how to communicate.

This time around, it was hard for me to speak up and  I was scared of conflicts because I thought I didn’t understand the customer-relationship the account managers had to their clients and how they agreed on briefs.  So I did what Everyone told me to do.

And it was hard to say “no” OR ask for help such as “can you double-check?” “Is this what you agreed with the client?” “Have I forgotten something? I have made 20 artworks today, so it likely that I have”
I didn’t do any of these things, I just tried to deliver as much as possible within a day. And if course my creativeness didn’t really expand, although I learned a lot about time management. But because of my lack of confidence and scared of conflicts, I designed labels for an olive oil (all with unique names). I ended up printing some of the labels with the same name 3 to 4 times and put them on the olive oils and packed them in their boxes. It was sent to the client and they were furious. They had a big conference when some people got 3 olive oils and others didn’t get Any. The account manager called me in and asked me to explain, and my defense was that “I had so much to do and I had to put on the labels myself”.

He interrupted me and simply said, “If you don’t give me the list to double-check then the responsibility is on you and if you are short on time and need help with putting the labels on, we hire someone to do that”.

This was a good school, and it got even better when I started to respond and clarify things, especially on how long things take thanks to my way of trying to fit as much as possible. And I think it’s interesting to share and learn from these stories and people around you. More coming up on experience.



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